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I get that your busy but I wish you update this blog more

…Hey Gabe, have you seen this new message yet?


Yeah, I see it… WE ALL SEE IT. 


Trickster army, you may want to take a step back. This could get messy.


Let me break this down for you, anon. This cosplay askblogger is a 21 year old college student who’s signed up for 13 hours of class time a week. She has four classes that require even more hours of studying and homework in order to pass, and keep her GPA up so she doesn’t lose the loan that’s drowning her in pointless debt. Not to mention the need for down time so she doesn’t explode from the crap that is the college system. Now she loves cosplay, and she loves coming on here and sharing her cosplays and ridiculousness with you and the rest of Tumblr. And she truly appreciates the amazing followers that support her. But this is a hobby. Not something she does to meet your expectations. She’s not going to get on every single week to update and answer questions just because you want her to. She appreciates that you like her blog, but she’s not about to force herself to make content to make you happy. So please for the love of all that is holy, respect the fact that there is an actual person behind this blog that has an actual life outside of Tumblr.


And if you can’t understand that then you’re welcome to join me in the pit, where I can further explain to you the horrors of life outside of the internet.




…Yeah, real interesting, Cas. Truly newsworthy


Oi! Are you being rude to my little brother while he’s trying to flirt with you? I thought we talked about what would happen if you kept being rude when avoiding your closeted gay tendencies— Because I have a pair of rainbow furry rave boots and pink tights with your name on them, Deano.


-SIGH- So sorry you’re stuck in Heaven, Cas. I’ve been trapped with a few archangels in a worse place than Hell. Maybe once you’re back on Earth we can hang out and— I don’t know, stare at each other’s faces?


Much better, smoke ball.


Let me try and put this in perspective. If you’ve ever read the Bible you’ll see very quickly that the human race has this knack to fuck up. I mean seriously, Moses was up on a mountain getting the commandments from Dad, and you lot got tired of waiting and built a gold cow from melted down jewelry and started worshiping it literally in spying distance from God.  —I think what Dad really wants you guys to do is your best out there, because this world is far from easy and you lot love your sin like I love me some cake.


I think he’s going to look at your life as a whole. If you were a good person who tried to do good things and just happened to be gay, I don’t think he’s going to care that you got smexy with another dude. He’s going to be happy that you tried to be good in a world that was doing its damndest to make you give up and take the easy way out. If you were straight and never missed a day of church and never said a curse word in your life, I think I’m going to impressed with the curse word bit because stubbing your toe hurts like a mother fuc—… I’m off track. Look if you’re gay or straight or pan or bi or asexual or what other colorful sexual flag you fly, your life is between you and GodHe’s the deciding factor here, not your neighbor, not your best friends who think they know everything, not the internet no matter how wise Wiki or Tumblr sounds sometimes, not me, not Michael, not Lucifer. That’s God’s place. Definitely not the people with the hate signs who’s putting words in my Dad’s mouth.


So right or wrong, it’s not our place to judge, and it’s definitely not the human’s place either. That’s between Dad and you. Remember that when they’re pointing fingers and shouting you’re going to Hell for being gay. That’s not up to them, it never has been, and never will be.


for anon, Gabe being pissy about his height! Dean can dish it out, but he can’t take it.


Gabriel- The Angel of Sunday

In the process of making the sam half.

Oh Chuck halp. 

-throws url at for both Balth and Demon!Dean because why not-


All in favor of calling Dean, “Deanmon” say AYE!


Dean tries to steal Gabriel’s candy stash || TheWingedTrickster ||

Many Deans were harmed in the making of this video.

No way. This is the legendary candy stash?! YOU HID IT HERE?!

Oh Gabriel, you’re fucked.